Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Laura Levine Interview

Good morning,
August was a great reading month for me. We started out with The BLEEDING HEART with Bryant and May. Author is Christopher Fowler.

Second came YOU CAN'T GET BLOOD OUT OF A SHAG CARPET by Juliet Harper. I never laughed so hard. This was a great stress reliever and it made me realize how much I have missed books with humor.

Then we move to THE WOLFE WIDOW by Victoria Abbott, all I have to say is what a wonderful book and for a couple of days I was so content. This series is chalk full of amazing characters and plot.

Next up was A STRANGER IN MAYFAIR by Charles Finch. Love my British Mysteries.

AUNT DIMITY And The WISHING WELL by Nancy Atherton. This was a relaxing read that made me feel cozy.

PLAYED BY THE BOOK by Lucy Arlington Now I love mysteries about books. This one is totally amazing and so are the all the ones I have read in this series.

THE BODY IN THE BIRCHES by Katherine Hall Page. Loved this mystery for many reasons.  Her children are getting older and it adds so much to the plot line.

ARCHIE CAUGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS by Robert Goldsborough. I loved Rex Stout and the A&E Nero Wolfe television series. Now that Robert has picked up writing the series it is truly an amazing moment that I feel like I am right back there with my old friend. This author is incarnation of Rex Stout. Love this series.

THE LONGEST YARD SALE by Sherry Harris: Sherry has yet again hit the spot. Her first book in the series was a diamond in the crown of cozy mystery/chick lit mystery and this one is the ruby of the series. I can' enough good things about this series. Sherry is truly a gifted author.

Lastly, I have read MURDER IN THE PAPERBACK PARLOR by Ellery Adams. Wow so much I want to live there, visit there and if I cant do that then I want to interview this author. I never ever wanted this book to end. It was a great way to wind up a reading month. I have been very lucky this month.

THE BARK BEFORE CHRISTMAS I will post the review an interview with Laurien Berenson on the same day. It will be at the end of the month.
THREAD END by AMANDA LEE this is my before I go to bed book because I own it.
STABBING in the SENATE (A Washington Whodunit) by COLLEEN J. SHOGAN This is a new to me author and series.
FATAL FAIRIES Joyce and Jim Lavene (A Renaissance Faire Mystery) this is my introduction to their series.
Okay that is my August and there might have been one or two from July but that is okay..
Your turn and my favorites are so many I can't list my very favorite one.

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