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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An Interview with Juliet Blackwell

Interview With Juliet Blackwell

By Pamela James

MM2: Juliet, how many books have you written?
I just finished writing my 19th novel! I can't believe it. But I have 16 that have already been released, and three "in the pipeline".

MM2: Please allow us to follow you thru a writing day?
My best writing time is in the early morning, usually. I try to get up before dawn, make myself a cup of strong French roast, and the work for a few hours. Sometimes I meet up with friends to write with them in caf├ęs, but most times I'm by myself and in my head. I take breaks to check in with social media (love to "see" readers on Facebook/Twitter), and also to walk around the lake or take a hike for exercise.  Then I often do some editing/other book business in the afternoon (not creative writing—the other stuff!). In the evening I work when I'm on deadline, and often get a second wind. But if it's not deadline month…I enjoy time with friends and family.

MM2: After your writing day. How do you distress?
As I mentioned above, I try to get some exercise during the day — walking and hiking are my favorites— and then often spend evenings with my boyfriend, other friends, and family.  I also love to paint and garden.

MM2: What would you like to say about your readers?
My readers are the BEST! Seriously, they're so supportive and "into" the books and the characters — it's really heartwarming, and very motivating. 

MM2: What comes first the characters, setting, plot and where do you get your ideas?
I get a lot of ideas from being in a place — San Francisco is so beautiful and evocative! Also, I read the newspaper, and watch people on public transit. 

MM2: Do you have time to read new books? Re-read old favorites?
I read every night before going to sleep. I don't have as much time to read as I used to, but I still love it. I like to read what my author colleagues and friends are writing, as well as re-read classics.

MM2: Who gave you the best writing advice you ever received?
Jack London said (I'm paraphrasing:) you can't sit around waiting for inspiration: "you have to go after it with a club"

MM2: Tell us about your latest book projects?

My first standalone Women's Fiction, THE PARIS KEY comes out September 1, and I'm very excited since it's a departure for me. It's about a woman going through a divorce, who moves to Paris to take over her uncle's locksmith shop. It's not a classic mystery, though there are family secrets to dig up…it was such fun! My other paranormal mystery series are both continuing, as well, and I just finished A Toxic Trousseau, #8 in the Witchcraft Mystery series. 

MM2: Now for fun, what is your favorite movie, meal and place to vacation?
Movie: Practical Magic. Meal: depends on my mood! I'm partial to Thai food, but I'm an omnivore. Place to vacation: Paris! 

MM2: What would your characters have to say about you?
Oh, that's a good question!  Lily might tell me I get her into a lot of difficult predicaments without a clear path of how to get out — and  now that I think about it, Mel would probably say the same thing!

MM2: Leave us with some writing words of wisdom?
I would just reiterate what Jack London said — if you want to write, you have to work for it. Inspiration does come, and one should always respect it — but it most often arrives when you've put in the hours of hard work, first. 

Thank you so much. Your books are truly filled with magic and smiles.



  1. I love watching people on the subway! Also to sneak a peek at what THEY are reading!

  2. I love the interview! Great insights! Practical Magic? Yes! Paris? Yes! French roast coffee first thing in the morning? Yes!