Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 in Cross Stitch

On the 14th anniversary of a tragic day that really seems like yesterday, we are all once again remembering.

I personally, saw the the plan on its horrific trajectory towards the pentagon from my Office window in Arlington that morning.  Then the smoke not that far away.  I still flinch at planes landing at National Airport when driving on the GW Parkway.

That day affected all of us in so many different ways, but today I want to share a way many are remembering it and memorializing it - in Cross Stitch.

Perhaps the most amazing (to me) way I found was:

American Stars

This is a non-profit memorial Doreen Lynn Saunders of hand-stitched stars on panels. Each star contains the name of a victim.  When completed, the mural will be displayed at the 9/11 Memorial.  I think this is a unique tribute, hand-made with love and honor and wanted to share what she is doing.

So many designers out there have created amazing designs.  I am going to show some of my favorites that I have found, but this is by no means, all of them.

A Tribute to 9/11 by WildStitchDesigns

Remember 9/11 by The Cross Stitch Club

Flag Draped Twin Towers by Patriotic Cross Stitch patterns

There are so many out there, and I love how inspiring they are!

So, today take a moment as we remember and maybe be inspired!


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  1. I adore all of them but United We Stand did make me want to cry.


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