Saturday, September 12, 2015


Sunday September 13th is grandparents day. I hope all of our grandparents, whether that be a four legged fur baby grandchild or human grandchildren I hope you have a wonderful day.
Many blessings to all of you!
I know my grandparent meant the world to me. Lots of memories and I never knew love like I did from my grandparents.
Oh and the food, holidays and humorous moments are such great comfort to me now.

Share a memory or a blessing?


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  1. I did not really get to know three of my Grandparents since they died when I was still pretty young. My grandmother, Mary was wonderful though. She shared pcitures with me and we talked about history.

    The happiest moment I think I had was when I surprised her for her birthday by showing up on her doorstep in WV. I knocked on the door and she was cussing at the door thinking I was my aunt and demanding to know why I wasn't using my key. Then she opened the door and there I was with a bouquet of flowers saying Happy Birthday and Surprise. It was fun.


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