Monday, September 28, 2015

Review-The Last Coincidence by Robert Goldsborough

Reviewed By: Pamela James

Sparky Linville doesn't know what a mess and dangerous situation he has created. Nobody messes with Lily Rowan and especially not when it comes to her niece Noreen James.
Archie Goodwin, Nero Wolfe's right hand man and Lily's special friend is so upset she asks Archie to look into it.
Archie more than looks into the situation and even though Sparky doesn't take him seriously it didn't surprise Archie when Sparky turns up dead in his car garage.
Sparky had his followers, others were not a fan of the playboy who took advantage of women to the point he was the only one having a good time.
Archie gets an up close and personal look at Lily's family. He thinks that Noreen is a younger version of Lily and this he likes. He doesn't care much for Noreen's mother but that's alright nobody else does either.
One by one nobody has an alibi, one by few most of them might have a large motive to commit murder.
The case is presented to Nero and begrudgingly Nero takes the case. Nero will not leave the brownstone so Archie must run down every clue, suspect and follow the last footsteps of Sparky Linville without getting killed.
It doesn't matter two people confessed to the crime what matters is that on Archie and on Nero's watch the right person must be brought to justice.
THE LAST COINCIDENCE is wonderfully vintage Rex Stout and Robert Goldsborough is a genius at keeping the era, flavor and character of the books.
If you like vintage crime, you will love this book in the series. One of the series that never gets old.

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