Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Thread End by Amanda Lee


(An Embroidery Mystery)

The SEVEN YEAR STITCH is Marcy Singer's hand stitching shop. She even has a sit an stitch group who comes in once a week to sit and stitch. This week Marcy is more excited than

The Tallulah Falls Museum is exhibiting antique tapestries and textiles. She goes and they are all beautiful but as always there is one or two that catches everyone's eye. A cut above the rest.
By the next morning Marcy is no longer enthralled with the exhibition as behind her store she finds a body rolled up in one of the outstanding rugs.
Marcy's boyfriend is Detective Ted Nash and he arrives along other investigators, soon the FBI becomes involved.
The deceased man was a professor but more to the point he was also someone the FBI was looking very closely because he was a thief.
Soon other strange things happen and not even Jill her mannequin that looks a lot like Marilyn Monroe can cheer her up.
Ten a surprise visitor arrives at The Seven-Year Stitch, then another one, and another one and soon there are more suspects.
Let's hope Marcy can sort thru the threads of lies, secrets and suspect to find her killer before she makes a fatal mistake and ends up on the short list of murder victims.

THREAD END is wonderful AMANDA LEE has a talent for murder.
At least in-between the pages of this wonderful series. it's a must-read for anyone who hand stitches. You do not have to be a stitch person to enjoy the plot, characters, setting and Reggie her dog is a bonus. I couldn't help but fall in love with him.
Amanda Lee gets an Att.
Pamela James

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