Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Does anyone else have sinus and allergy problems this morning? I was doing pretty good until this morning. Now it's pretty bad. I hope that as it warms up to 77 this afternoon that the allergy problems will subside. They are not predicting much wind if any so that actually doesn't help me.
I wanted to do some things this morning but it may have to wait until the day goes on and we see how this shakes out. Tomorrow will be a high of 80 and the next day 82 but then we start to have a cool front. Just for a day or two that is if you count 70 as a cool front.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mother's passing. She passed October 7th, 2012 so maybe it is just going to be one of those weeks. Hopefully after Thursday things will look up as I think I will try to have a non exciting weekend.
We will see how that goes but my plan is catch u on reading for review, cross stitch and watch movies or binge watch something.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

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