Monday, October 5, 2015

Guest Blogger - Dru Ann Love

We asked DruAnn  (our lovely co-moderator) about her Anthony Nomination and here are her thoughts!  

The road to my Anthony Nomination

·       Extremely excited and thrilled that my peers nominated dru’s book musings
·       Extremely nervous because what if I win
·       I’ll have to stand in front of an audience and talk
·       Boosted by friends
·       Nervous again
·       I’m up against Kate!
·       I’m up against Hank!
·       It was suggested that I write an acceptance speech
·       Wrote it and it is 2 minutes long
·       As the days get closer, I’m excited yet nervous
·       I’m up against Kate!
·       I’m up against Hank!
·       I already know I have at least one vote – mine
·       I’m simply honored that I was nominated
·       My blog was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best Critical or Non-Fiction Work
Thank you!

Dru Ann

Thank you Dru!  We both wish you the Best!

Terri & Pam


  1. Dru Ann,
    I loved this blog. You will be grace under pressure. Wait isn't that the name of a book? LOL Well anyway the book title is a fiction title but your nomination is non-fiction. It will be a ton of fun and we can't wait to read the details.


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