Sunday, October 4, 2015

My weekend and yours?

Good afternoon,
I hope your Sunday is peaceful.
My weekend was quite different than expected. First I had some picking up, reading for review, cleaning to do this weekend.
Then our youngest daughter, her husband and two boys came in yesterday evening. Travis and the boys stayed for supper, photos and visiting which was badly needed for me to see the boys. It had been ten months, you couldn't ask for better weather. They brought their football and played football.
Then Saturday night they left so Travis and the boys could go see his Aunt and her family. However I did show Travis the Tess Garretson Interview. I think I finally have my son in-law respect. He also took Art Taylors Interview to read.
Then we took Melissa on a tour of what has changed in Parsons, we also went home and talked for a while. This morning it was watching news and weather. I Love Lucy and of course Friends. She went to the store with her dad. Then she watched a little of the KC chiefs game with me before she went home. OH and she watched the first episode of season one of Miss Fisher Mysteries. I think she is going to be a fan!
I won't see her again until December or January but it did me a lot of good to have an impromptu visit with family.

Now how was your weekend? What are you doing and of course tell us what your reading list is for this week?

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  1. My mom and I went with our friend Michael to Escape The Room - a locked room event! We had a fantastic time and I will share later!


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