Saturday, October 10, 2015

Escape the Room - DC

A week ago today my mom and our friend Michael participated in Escape The Room

So we, along with 4 other people were locked in a room and we had one hour to find all the clues to find the key to open the door and get out.

Let me tell you, it was hard. BUT  very very fun!  We all contributed and figured out the majority of things we needed to, but we also managed to get distracted at one point and spend WAY too long trying to figure one piece out.  Afterwards, we thought maybe it might have been good to delegate tasks.  Who knows?  Maybe.  Most important is that we had a great time and enjoyed the clever clues (ANYTHING could be a clue) and fun surprises.

I really loved this and highly recommend it!  They will be changing it up periodically as well with new scenarios, so I will go again.  

Escape The Room DC

And no.. As mom's sign says we ran out of time - but we all had a great time!


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  1. you should try these escape rooms


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