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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An Interview with Roberta Isleib aka Lucy Burdette

Interview With Roberta Isleib aka Lucy Burdette
By: Pamela James

MM2: Roberta, how many books have you written?
The sixth Key West food critic mystery, Fatal Reservations, (launched on July 7) is book #14!
MM2: Since you write a series. Tell us about the pros and cons of series writing?
I love writing a series, because I can explore characters in depth and continue to be surprised by their layers. It's so much fun to bring back characters from earlier books and learn more about them. I had no idea, for example, that octogenarian Miss Gloria would turn out to be so interesting--and so popular!
MM2: What would you like readers to know about your latest book?
Reviews have been fabulous! Here's one example: "Complete with a clever plot, a cast of familiar and amiable characters, a buffet of food and all the wackiness of Key West, "Fatal Reservations" displays Burdette at peak form and whets the appetite for Hayley's next case."--Jay Stafford, Richmond Times-Dispatch

MM2: Is there something you want to say to our readers?
Often people don't realize the affect they can have on whether their favorite writers and series will continue. More books depend on sales. So if you love a book, write a review, tell your friends, give them as gifts.
MM2: Tell us what you like to do when you have time off?
Read, eat, cook, golf, travel...sounds heavenly!
MM2: Will you share your future writing plans?
KILLER TAKEOUT will be published in April 2016. Here's a little description:

Every year, Key West’s weeklong Mardi Gras–style festival has tourists and locals alike lining up for costumed revelry and delicious eats. Key Zest magazine has assigned Hayley to write a piece on the fest’s grab-and-go food, so she’s planning on hitting up the mobile eateries while checking out the party preparations.

Hayley’s office mate, Danielle, recently elected Queen of Fantasy Fest, is also buzzing between festivities and fundraisers. But when her former royal rival gets taken out, Hayley needs to put down her party hat and her pen and figure out who served up a side of murder—before Danielle gets crowned a killer.

MM2: For fun where is your favorite place to vacation? What is your favorite meal? Your favorite movie or television series?
Key West is really more home for me than vacation, but I love that island dearly. I also love New York City, Cape Cod, and Paris. My favorite food? Macaroni and cheese, fried okra, fresh tomatoes, homemade yellow cake with mocha icing...
I adored Friday Night Lights and was so sad when it ended. Now I follow Connie Britton in Nashville--it's a soap opera, but I love the characters and the music.

MM2: Do you like to reread favorite books? Are you currently reading a book that you would like to share with us?
I rarely reread because there so many books I want to get to. I recently finished THE STORY HOUR by Thrity Umgarter, which is about an Indian immigrant woman and a psychologist. They both have complicated histories which collide in a fascinating way.
MM2: What would your characters tell us about you?
She's stubborn! Addicted to social media! Will drop anything for a snack! Loves her animals and her family! Will not leave us alone...
MM2: Tell us about your writing space? Where do you write?
Oh gosh, I have a cute little office nook with a special keyboard for my tendinitis. But more often than not, I end up writing in bed...
MM2: It's summer, are there some events you are looking forward to attending?
Unfortunately, summer is almost over! I'm looking forward to two dinner parties over Labor Day weekend, a visit from our dear niece with her new baby, two book club meetings (I love talking to book clubs!), and then a short trip to Scotland.
MM2: In closing please tell us how writing has changed your life? How has your life changed your writing?

A few weeks ago, I had lunch and went walking with a dear friend whom I hadn't seen in a while. She remarked how much my life has changed since we first met–back when I was a practicing psychologist and an avid tennis player. And well before writing fiction was even a glimmer in my eye…

And she's right, my life has changed. It is rich with writing friends who console me on the agonies of the business and celebrate the ecstasies. And it's rich with people I’ve never met who read my books and are kind enough to write about their reactions. And rich with my new friends in Key West, both real and imaginary. My neighbor describes this series as a love letter to the island. And she's right, too!


Roberta Isleib writing as Lucy Burdette
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  1. Thank you for the interview. I hope you will guest blog for us in 2016 to keep us updated?