Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What movies have your interest?

Mostly for me I admit I have watched "Stir Of Echoes one and two,"  then I watched Private Number, Miss Marple Movies, Desk Set, Poirot Movies, I also caught up on other television and Netflix series. Crossing Lines, Ripper Street, River, Home Alone One, Beetle Juice and a few Noir films. One being Kansas City Confidential.

Then as the weekend went on and while I watched football, I colored some pictures.
Wrapped prezzies and of course napped.

Tonight I finished Christmas Shopping for a friend. Now more wrapping of presents. I did have a leftover chilidog so that helped.

I also did some reading and laundry tonight. Put away clean dishes. In the morning, more wrapping, a few dishes, sweeping and vacuum the living room.
My neighbor is in the hospital so I am feeding Miss Kitty, and of course I am thrilled the weather will be nice this week so that I can go over there not all bundled up.

I hope you are enjoying your celebrating season of love, gift giving and enjoying the special excitement this time of year brings to us.

We enjoy each and everyone of you! I can't wait to hear what books have your interest, what movies you are watching, what crafts and funny stories you have to share with us.

I love all the memories this season cast upon us.
Remember we love you all and we will check in as much as we can this week and next.
I know life is hectic but take a little time for yourselves and a good book, or a movies that tickles your funny bone.

Stay Healthy, safe, witty and wise until our next blog post. Enjoy our interviews and book reviews.
For the authors who have spent the years giving us wonderful interviews, blogs and advice thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Without our authors, readers and bloggers we couldn't do this and like each snowflake is different so are our authors and readers.
We enjoy your unique perspective and your wonderful books.
Our Friday magical blogs are beautiful and we hope to bring you more of them.
Lastly we have openings for 2016 and if you want us to book you in for an interview, review or if you wish to post a blog or three let us know we will work with you.

Now I am off to take a book to bed!

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  1. Favorite recent movies have been Jurassic World, Spy and Kingsman


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