Friday, December 4, 2015


This is the first book in a new series.
BLACK CAT CROSSING By Kay Finch ( A Bad Luck Cat mystery) series.
Berkley Prime Crime Paperback Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-425-27524-5

Sabrina Tate has moved back to Lavender Texas, she is writing her first novel, helping her Aunt Rowe with her vacation resort business. She is staying one of the cabins. She loves animals an when people blame their bad luck on a black cat Sabrina has to wonder why everyone blames their misery on a poor defenseless cat.
She befriends the black cat but not before the cat leads Sabrina to a dead body. Actually the body when he was alive was one Bobby Joe Flowers and her Aunt Rowe's cousin. It was no secret that everyone who ever ran across Bobby Joe was left worse off than before they met him.
It was also no secret that Bobby Joe and Aunt Rowe had a very bad confrontation. Now he's dead and Sabrina has to make sure she saves the life of a black cat she has named Hitchcock, she needs to find out who killed Bobby Joe and to top it all off an agent is in town. This means that Tyanne Sabrina's best friend had arranged for Sabrina to meet the agent. This would happen very soon which meant that she had to complete the mystery.
A lot of bad luck befalls Aunt Rowe and Thomas the groundskeeper has vowed to catch the black cat.
Sabrina isn't going to let her Aunt Rowe be charged with murder, she isn't going to allow anyone to catch her pet and she isn't going to get a lot of sleep as she tries to figure out her fictional plot, the real life whodunit and stay on top of the resort.
Could life become any more complicated why yes it can and it does not to mention a very handsome man named Luke Griffith and few girlfriends Bobby Joe never mentioned, least of all strangers have come to town.
BLACK CAT CROSSING by Kay Finch is a can't put down first mystery. My rating is for this one is ten out of ten.
It's the feline of all mysteries.
Pamela James

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