Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pam's 2015: Top Picks of books

Top Ten Picks: I will narrow them down to my top five this week.

1. Black Cat Crossing by Kay Finch. This get the new first book award for being the first book in a new series. I loved, the title, plot and cover.

2. A Christmas Carol Murder by Leslie Meir. When Mr. Marlowe dies after opening a mail bomb not many people are sorry to see him die.
The list of suspects is very long. He wasn't a nice man and when you foreclose on people's property they do take it personally but Lucy must find who would murder this man. The series is comfortable and cozy. This book in the series is no exception.

3. Cover Story by Erika Chase. This is a reading group mystery and I loved every moment of the book. Any reader or writer of mysteries will love this series.

4. A Mainely Murder Mystery by Lea Wait. Let me just say that hand stitching and mystery go hand in hand when it comes to murder. What  great group of women and the setting is to die for...

5. The Skeleton Takes A Bow (A family Skeleton Mystery Series), by Leigh Perry. This is a great cozy mystery but you must suspend disbelief. I always have fun reading this series. Sid is a skeleton and when he has a chance to be a prop in the high school production of Hamlet. Sid loves the idea. What he doesn't love is being doubted when he relates that he overheard a murder. When no body is found this doesn't give his story much credit.

6. A Seamless Murder by Melissa Bourbon. Harlow Jane Cassidy is asked to sew aprons for each of the members of the local women's group. She jumps at the chance. The problem is that whatever Harlow sew gives the owner it is made for their deepest wishes and desires. In Bliss, Texas this is not always a good thing. When one of the members body is found in the cemetery Harlow has to find who murdered Delta, before she sews her last stitch.

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