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Pam's Top Picks-Part Two of 2015

7. MURDER in the PAPERBACK PARLOR by Ellery Adams
Jane Steward run a book themed resort. This time she is organizing a Valentine's Day Regency Readers theme.
What Jane hasn't planned on is that a famous talented author is murdered.
She also had no idea how cut throat the world of romance could be.
She has plenty of help finding the murderer. her book club "The Cover Girls" are on the case. Jane's family and Storyton Hall family are also a huge help but nothing could prepare her for what happens next...
Ellery Adams has my admiration for the whole concept of this series. Titles and covers are cozy, the family I want to be a part of an would love to stay at the retreat and write my books there all day.

8. Booked for Trouble by Eva Gates, is every library lovers dream come true. Lucy Richardson has a dream job. She lives and works at the local lighthouse that is indeed the town library.
Lucy has moved away from most of her family and loves the fact she no longer has many family demands. The island lighthouse library keeps her busy, the island is good for her soul, she loves her life.
Then chaos strikes in the form of her mother. Her mother surprised her with a visit and has no plans to leave. The worst part is that her mother seems troubled and worried. When stolen jewelry is found on her mother. Lucy knows her mother is innocent. Since her mother grew up and moved away from Bodie Island some people that she once went to school with and knew have long memories and short tempers.
When her mother is baited into a public argument with a woman who was once an old school mate this bad enough. However when the woman turns up murdered in the parking lot outside the Bodie Lighthouse her mother becomes suspect number one.
Eva knows how to weave a plot and her characters reel us in hook, line and sinker.

9. the Longest Yard Sale by Sherry Harris For one day Sarah Winston turns Ellington, Massachusetts into to die for town yard sale. When a murder happens she is furious that it happened on her watch.
Trying to find out who murdered him is more than she bargained for and Sarah loves a bargain. This mystery series has something for everyone. It made the cut because I adore that Sherry Harris knows her way around a plot, a bargain, she includes practical tips for having a garage sale. Let's not forget that she also knows about military life and what secrets others people's treasures can clue us in to knowing about them. Couple all of this with clues, lies, cheating husbands, cheating wives, town managers, the mob and a double dose of strangers who don't seem to fit into the New England lifestyle.

10. Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well by Nancy Atherton,
A young man comes to the village to settle his late-uncle's affairs. A wishing well is discovered and soon the village residents all have their wishes granted. Soon people are making life changing decisions. This leads to bad tempers, gossip, stolen objects and much more. Laurie is sure there is a logical reason behind all of the magic.

Okay now I have to say that on Monday (later in the day) I will post my non-fiction, non cozy books and the how to book list of 2015.



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