Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blog : The Weekend

I hope everyone has found a good book or two to read this weekend? I know I am having a wonderful time reading:
 Lea Wait's THREAD and GONE, I love hobby mysteries. Especially cross stitch, needlepoint, quilting, sewing and much more. You could I am in heaven and other passions on my reading list.

Jenn McKinlay does pen a bad book or series. Currently I'm enthralled with her library lover's Mystery series. (Full disclosure I love books set in a library and I go way back to Miss. Zukas Library Mysteries. I digress A LIKELY STORY is wonderful. I would have been exhausted after writing this mystery.

Ellen Byron is another author who knows a character or two PLANTATION SHUDDERS is an impressive cozy Cajun country mystery series.
As you can read I have been happily amused, excited, plot twisted and enjoying all of my books.

I also finished coloring three pictures. Two were started a while back and the other one I stayed with until I finished it this weekend.

Home: Laundry was done, I shopped for diabetic socks, Frank needs to see his doctor about a blood pressure script. He also never made it out to give them a blood test so he has THAT to do...that really left a void in my weekend. Well even our weekend as he didn't do too good last night and explains a lot about our weekend.

What I watched: I watched The new season of CROSSING LINES now this is great and I am happy to say that it's worth your time to find it on nextflix.

Watched a rerun of Doc Martin because I wanted some humor this weekend.

Saturday Morning I watched my quilting shows and cross stitched while I watched them. I had to re-watch the first one which is Quilting Arts as I had a few family snafus etc...what I cross stitched on this time is : Little House Needleworks the title of mine is "The Bookshelf" add to this is the fact that I was going to stitch on the scarecrow but I lost my thread number 309 I still can't find it. LOL the chart number is Seventeen. I only have about half of it to go and until I get out of town to buy floss I think I will continue to stitch this one. I mean the other thread might turn up right? LOL
In full disclosure I must confess that I lost two pair of scissors. I know it's probably all together somewhere.

Our weather is beautiful here so we have been walking Pepper, I have to say we saw a dandelion today. My outdoor plants have died but that will wait a while. I did in the past few days put up Easter Cling On to the door and windows. I also have windows open.
Slow but improving more all the time is that Pepper is doing better. She has more sense than her human dad.
Meals: Fish plenty of fish no matter how hard I tried for it not to be a whole weekend of fish. However tonight NO fish not sure just what yet but probably something with hamburger. Like maybe ghoulosh.

Library Trip: Saturday I did drive to the library. I checked out Jacqueline Winspear's, AMONG THE MAD this is an audio book. I also checked out because I was already there to turn books and audio in so I browsed the new book paperback, large type and audio shelves. I found in paperback Victoria Hamilton's NO MALLETS INTENDED.
Another author who doesn't write a bad series. I tell you I have manna from heaven with the books I am able to find.
Oh and speaking of humor I loved BIG BANG THEORY on Thursday Night.
Speaking of murder: In the past few days I watched A PERFECT MURDER. This had Michael Douglas in it. Have seen it several times.
We are also working our way thru WENTWORTH and this is another series that is worth the watch.

I am sure glad today is my day of rest. Although I must add with Frank's blood pressure issues it sure seems like nothing has went according to plan. This will mean a Monday Morning Shuffle of priorities for me.

Here's to hoping your weekend was more productive than mine.
Happy reads,

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