Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: Birthday Party Murder by Leslie Meier

Lucy and friends decide to throw Miss Tilley a birthday party for her 90th birthday.  At the same time, a local attorney appears to have committed suicide, but his business party doesn't believe it and asks Lucy to investigate it.  Meanwhile, she is struggling with life and getting older as well as her daughter wanting co-ed slumber parties and her son struggling in college.  Lucy never can say no - a habit that has made me want to shake her many times throughout this series.  Yet she is very likeable and the stories always interesting.  I also love Miss Tilley and I loved much of the story being about her and her past.

Another thing I really like is when cozies tackle serious issues (this was actually a fascinating panel discussion at Malice Domestic several years ago).  In this case, elder abuse.  I actually wish there could have been more dialogue about it in the story since Lucy was writing about a police program to address the issue. 


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  1. The story seems to have multiple interesting scenarios. Also liked the title.


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