Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Blog: Library trip Monday night by Pam James

Good Morning Everyone,

I think I figured out how to add pictures to my post this morning. Anyway I made a library trip Monday evening.
I returned one book and picked out three more to read. Here is what I picked up to read.
Copy Cap Murder by Jenn McKinlay this is from her hat shop series. Now Frank also picked up on Saturday for me At The Drop of A Hat by Jenn McKinlay. This author doesn't ever write a bad book.
Moving along I also picked up The Book Stops Here by Kate Carlisle this is from her Bibliophile Series.
Then I went a little more retro with SHROUD FOR A NIGHTINGALE by P.D. James and realized that I had already read this book. It will go back probably on Wednesday or Frank will take it back on the 19th because I have another book due back on that date.

That is my library trip for this time. I know one of the library staff will call me this week as they are processing a few other books I might like to read.

I did want to add that I will be on again off again over the next month. All is probably nothing to worry about I just have many things going on so I will more than likely be in and out.
Are you enjoying spring read? Are books springing up at your local bookstores?
What books do you plan to read while watching your flowers bloom this year?
Malice Domestic is just around the corner and I want to read as many books by our authors as I can so I will be able to say, "I knew that was a good book." ;)

I know Lea Wait Mystery books is one series Sue one of our front desk techs is happy to start reading since I know she will love this series. I also told her about Amanda Lee's series, I think she will enjoy Melissa Bourbon's series and I think she has started reading the Eva Gates Library Lighthouse Series.

Anyway I hope you having the luck of the Irish with your tbr pile of books this month.

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