Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Threads of Evidence by Lea Wait

Angie Curtis has moved back to her hometown and to her grandmother's home. This home will soon be Angie's as her grandmother is getting married. Normally this would keep Angie busy enough but then the famous actress Skye West buys the Gardener Estate.

The Gardener Estate comes with history. In 1970 Jasmine Gardener dies at the yearly Labor Day Party. The worst of it is that her death is shrouded in mystery and her mother never knew if Jasmine was murdered or if her death was an accident.
Jasmine's father returns to the New York scene but her mother stays in Haven Harbor searching for answers. She does her needlepoint and stitches nine panels of the local scene and Haven Harbor. Before he death she hardly ever left her home. Early in investigation she learned that the local police department were not going out of their way to find the truth behind Jasmine's  death.

Skye West has decided to have a sale of everything she doesn't want and she asks Angie Curtis and Sarah Byrne to handle the sale, this after they have helped inventory, evaluate the antiques and needlepoint pieces.

Patrick West is Skye's son who is an artist. He wants to turn the carriage house into his art studio. Skye wants her mansion and estate done in a hurry. She hires locals and people from New York to work many hours. Overtime Haven Harbor Maine residents can use.

Exhausting as all of this is it's when Skye falls victim to someone trying to murder that really makes Angie wonder if the death of Jasmine Gardener is related to the fact someone wants Skye West dead. There is a connection with Skye and the past and who can Angie trust to help her find the answers she needs?
Mainely Needlepointers, of course and she turns to members for help restoring those nine panels, help with the investigation and there is that pesky wedding show her grandmother wants which fills Angie with anxiety in more ways than one.

Threads of Evidence by Lea Wait has something for everyone. If you love cold cases you are in for a treat, if you love history you are in for a treat, if you want to know the history of needlepoint you will find this mystery more than interesting. It is a great addition the series.

This is one mystery you won't want to miss. The whole series is to die for and see if you can figure out who did what, when where and how before the all is revealed. There are many suspects and tracking down people who were at the party in 1970 is also a great host of clues, suspects and characters.

This is a hardback large print edition that I checked out from our local library.

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