Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Catching up after a holiday by Pamela James

Today's blog is about catching up after a holiday weekend. I find it very difficult to catch up after a long holiday weekend.
We didn't do anything productive on our three day weekend. I mean yes a few things were accomplished but not the things that should have been done.
I did finish reading a book. Yep just one book over three days.
I did cross stitch and i texted with friends.
Frank made some wonderful meals.
Today however is quite different. I actually do have to dye my hair, it's going to rain all day and overnight. It feels like Monday instead of Tuesday which is bound to throw me off all day.

I haven't been up but an hour and feel like I need a nap. What is on my to-do list is are these things.
1. Library trip (which won't happen because the library hours changed and they are not open after five on Tuesdays. Refer to above that I will think it's Monday all day) also with the rain and storms I won't be driving in it.
2. Clean up my closet (maybe)?
3. Post reviews (a better chance of this and post blog see current finger typing)
4. Put something in the crockpot for supper? (probably will happen) which means chilidogs or some such nonsense.
5. Walk dog (see above rain she won't go outside and well she is smarter than her owners) but eventually she will have to go...
6. Dishes are done at least to begin with so it will be not so hard to deal with the kitchen today.
7. Keep an eye on the weather (we live in tornado alley) and so this is a must do for all day.
8. A good day to start to organize my books (this is one I am looking forward to and is long overdue)
9. Talk to my daughter it's been days so that must happen.
10. I will write on my book today which this should have been number one but I need more coffee.
11. Read, read read...
12. Stitch stitch stitch
After all of this is anybody's guess....
First thing before my to-do list is coffee. Do you have a routine you follow in the mornings? Is it hard for you to catch up after a long weekend or holiday?
What books should I go to the library this week and put in a request for to read?
Happy Reading,

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