Wednesday, May 18, 2016

TV Review: The Family

Joan Allen stars as the town Mayor and family Matriarch who is running for state Govenor.  After ten years, their missing son, Adam shows up after escaping his captivity.  The family struggles with the past and present trying to cope with all that has happened amidst a political campaign run by their daughter played wonderfully by Allison Pill.  The series is full of twists, turns, machinations, and betrayals and secrets.  Relationships are tested and the investigation is led by a detective trying to deal with the fact she got it wrong.  Finally, there is the man who spent 10 years in prison played by Andrew McCarthy who returns as a pariah despite having not committed the crime.  I liked the complexities of the characters and the cast was superb together.  (It was funny hearing Rupert Graves with an American accent after Sherlock).  They had me all the way until the end and I was completely satisfied until the last ten minutes with the 'phone call that changed everything'.  At which point I was disgusted and deeply disappointed.  I felt it was completely unnecessary to the story arc and a blatant bid for a second season (which it did NOT get).


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