Thursday, May 19, 2016

My library trip blog by Pamela James

A few days ago I made a library trip. Here is what I walked away with on this last trip.
1. WDDING CAKE MURDER by Joanne Fluke and this is the book I have been waiting to read. I am not done with the book but the premise is that Hannah is getting married, going to be in a food channel network contest and a whole host of other things are happening it really is a page-turner.
2. THE LAST GOODBYE by Reed Arvin this one is a mainstream legal thriller. I haven't cracked the spine on this one must read faster this week.
3. OFFER OF PROOF by Robert Heilbrun and this is another legal thriller and I have not read it yet....
4. READING UP a STORM by Eva Gates and I am busy reading this one in the library lighthouse series. I love this book and since tornado and storm season is upon us in Kansas this book in the series fits right in with my mood and weather. Not finished with the book but should finish it this week.
5. HOME BY NIGHTFALL BY Charles Finch this is an historical mystery series to die for...and there are not one but two mysteries to solve. one in London and one in the country and a small village so needless to say besides a huge case there is another case that is also turning bigger by the minute. 1876 is going to be a big year for murder just ask Charles Lenox.

I have bought a few other books from the library table but I am giving those as gifts for Birthday and Christmas which means I can't say anything because the person I will give them to is on our blog.

I hope you will add the books I listed to your to-be-read list as I can't believe I hit the jackpot.


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