Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jeopardy Blog by Pamela James

If you have not watched Jeopardy this is the week to start tune to this wonderful game show.
This week is "Power Week set in Washington DC" and I thought last week was good with the teachers week. It was also in DC but I digress this week we have had a riot a minute and a lot of knowledge has been passed around.

First we have had Anderson Cooper let me tell you he is so much fun. We have had Louie CK who by the way won last night on the show. There have been CNN Morning Show Hosts, Washington Post Reporters and the ex-republican party chairman etc... that is glad he is the ex-party head.

If you have a teen you should watch this with them. It will be fodder for many discussions and open doors for around the breakfast or supper table.

The categories wonderful there is history, politics, books, novelist, vintage movie characters and movie titles. Science, Math, History, English and Literature. More topics than I have the memory to mention.

Please DVR it or tune in because you won't be sorry and Alex has been thrown in his reaction a few times this week.
Such as when he asked a sports question and one of the contestants said "No we don't do sports, we are the geeks." It was great because she meant it and none of the three knew the answer. Which by the way was Came Newton.

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