Monday, August 15, 2016

Blog: My library trip and more by Pamela James

My library trip on Thursday evening was as always a fun trip.
First here are the books I came home with to read.
BOOKS OF A FEATHER by Kate Carlisle
The DEAD And The BEAUTIFUL by Cheryl Crane

Still waiting on my large type copy of The Maltese Falcon by Dashell Hammett
I am loving watching the Olympics.

We cooked and baked again today for the neighbors. one of them had a birthday.
I haven't felt very well for a few days.

What books have your attention this weekend/new week?
We opted out of family events that were going on over the weekend.
We did go out to eat Chinese Food on Saturday night since one of our daughters had given us gift cards to one our local Chinese places.
our dog isn't doing well so I have to make an appointment to take her in and see if they can run some tests this week as we really need to know what the problem/s might be.

Movies: I had rented more New Tricks Seasons from the library on Thursday night. in honor of Hitchcock's Birthday I watched "Rear Window" and for acorn and netflix this week. I watched episode two of Agatha Raisin Mystery Series, we also watched DNA the first season. Of course I had already watched the first season. Frank hadn't so he enjoyed that one.

I didn't stitch but wanted to but I did read. on my kindle I am enjoying "Death Goes to the Dogs" by Teresa Massey Watson.

I will post reviews this week. I have one book I did finish reading in the past week and one I have almost finished,

My to-do list is a little longer for the next few days then it winds down.

This week the temps are more fall like so I am enjoying the fresh air.
Although still humid it's nice to only be in the 80's and to have a breeze.

Have a Magical Monday.

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