Friday, August 26, 2016

Magical Arts Fridays - An Interview with Quilter Peggy Gatewood

MM: Peggy where did you get your love of quilting?

Love of quilting -not sure-had several relatives that quilted.

MM: Have other family members followed in your footsteps?

My granddaughter made her first quilt when she was 10

MM: Tell us about the quilters guild of Parsons and what you have learned from some of the quilters?

The Quilter's Guild of Parsons is a great group of women who teach, encourage, and support anyone who loves quilting.
They always share tips they've learned, are quick to help if you're having problems or want advice, or fabric from their stash. We make and donate quilts to the local Red Cross for fire victims in about 7 SEK counties.

MM: I have seen and voted for some of your quilts. Do you have a quilt that has more meaning than the others?

.Probably the quilts I made my Mother. I made a puzzle quilt since she loved jigsaw puzzles and a Seven Sisters quilt since she had 7 sisters

MM: Do you have a favorite quilt that you have made?

. Probably my Dog Quilt. It has won several ribbons. 

MM: I know you work for the local vet clinic. Has this inspired some of your quilts? Tell us about the clinic and the animals. Do you own pets?

. I have worked at the clinic for almost 30 years  as manager and have done every job. We treat all species of animals. I like dogs the best and  I'm always on the lookout for dog print fabrics and have made several dog quilts. I have 4 rescue dogs-Monkey, Kashi, Hank and Frank. When we were challenged to make a quilt about our experience with the Parsons Tornado, I made one featuring my dogs . My Aunt, Sister and Mother were with me that night at the Guild's Guest Night and the dogs were home alone.

MM: How does this work for you? What I mean is do you see a pretty flower garden or hear a story maybe attending an event but how and where do you get your inspiration for the beautiful quilts to make?

. I'm usually inspired by the fabric first and then find a pattern. It's a personal thing for each quilter. Some people love 1800's fabrics. I find them drab looking. I usually use bright cheerful fabrics. My friend, Nancy Tiede and I are known as the "bright" girls. People usually pick out our quilts right away

MM: Is there someone you would like to thank that has inspired you?

. My Aunt Regina probably inspired me the most. She always had a quilt in the frame.

MM: Okay for some get-to know you questions. What is your favorite meal, place to vacation, dessert, song, book, holiday, magazine, quilt show/s, color, other hobbies, movie/s and shows to binge watch?

Personally-food-anything Mexican, we cruise to the Caribbean every year-attached is a photo of a T Shirt quilt from some of our cruises. Anything chocolate, old school R & B music, mysteries, no favorite holidays-they're too much work, PEOPLE mag, any of the PBS quilting shows are good. I like to knit baby hats for the Purple Campaign. Bad Santa is a guilty pleasure movie, I don't watch much TV, but I  like Project Runway and Lucifer-and try to catch the Royals games.

MM: Do you have some quilters words of wisdom?

Don't be afraid to try something new and know everyone has to rip things out-often.

MM: In closing what would you like to add to this interview as far as a quilter quote or story?

. I encourage anyone thinking of taking up quilting to jump in. Ask for help at your local quilt shop and visit a quilter's guild meeting in your area. They're very friendly people.

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