Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Blog: Updates and more.

This week I have been to the library. I had them order me The Maltese Falcon that has larger print so I can see the type better for the cozy armchair group discussion. I am still reading it but only have read thru chapter three.

Now I have watched Agatha Raisin & The Quiche Of Death. This is new on acorn and I have to say I enjoyed this movie so much that I have watched and re-watched it. 

Tonight husband is mowing the lawn. it needs it since we have had a lot of rain. Plus his mower broke down, then something else went wrong with it and so on. 
Baby daughter is back from vacation. her vacation is ill-timed as this put them behind for moving, buying a car, enrolling the grandsons in school which starts very soon and of course she is behind in work. I guess they are all happy they took the vacation. She said she needed it and her daddy agrees that she did need it.

Now for more fun stuff such as books. I am happy to report "A DARK and STORMY MURDER by Julia Buckley is an above average cozy mystery to read. it's the first in a new series and it's must read if you like authors, books and page turner mysteries. This one has mystery upon mysteries. 
It's a Writer's Apprentice Mystery.

Now I also have to brag on "Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody." It's wonderful historical mystery that will put you in history, the moment and is rich gentle description. It has everything a village mystery should have and "Dying in the Wool" is an escape you can't miss. It is worth losing a little sleep to finish this book.

Moving on I am now caught up with the "Father Brown Mysteries that my library has the Father Brown I watched is Mark Williams.

I also watched "New Tricks Series" 
DMobed that has Martin Clune in it on acorn.

Re-watched all the "Garage Sale Mysteries" that I had DVRed. I also re-watched all the Hannah Swenson "Murder She Baked Series" I am thrilled with all of these. I sure miss the Mysteries and More channel on the Hallmark Movie Channel. 
This means I also watched the "Auroa Teagarden Mysteries Series and the Flower Shop Mystery series.
I loved Brooke Shields in the flower shop mysteries. 
Alison Sweeney is also great in the "Murder She Baked Series Movies."
What I did in the past week while watching the shows and more movies.
I baked a lot, I did laundry, I wrote (as they are inspiring), I colored a lot of pictures. 
I daydreamed and last week I cross stitched.

What else I have been up to let's see... I walked my neighbor a time or two. Frank cooked for several of our neighbors and I baked for them. 

it is now too hot to walk but I am still checking on everyone.
I have spent a lot of time watering plants, flowers, and of course making sure our pets are well kept in this heat. 
This week has either been a comedy of errors or anything but funny. 

i am excited to make out a book wishlist of authors whose books I want to read. 
There are some great new series being released.
I also wanted to read MURDER IN THE SECRET GARDEN. 
Anyway you get the idea that I am keeping myself amused with books, pets and hobbies.

How is your summer going and what has you amused?

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