Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blog: Merry New Year

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and as we head into the New Year of 2017 I wanted to share a few of my 2016 highlights.

In 2016 I discovered new books and authors that will stay with me as long as the author is writing the series.

I discovered that short stories still capture my sense of adventure.

I discovered that binge watching movies is not a waste of time if it brings down your blood pressure.

On a different front of 2016: I became a great grandmother.
Reconnected with my daughter and her family. 
I also reconnected with my childhood friend and her family.

By way of youtube, I taught myself how to crochet. 

I learned how much my cyber friends mean to me.

On a sad note, we lost so many great authors, writers, actors, directors, singers, artist, sonwriters, musicians, comedians and people in our circle of family and friends.

The world dims a little at the thought of losing so many and a few I will miss is Zee I never met her but she was a friend in a group or two and I will always think of her as a special and a wonderful friend.

One actress stands out and that is Patty Duke. I also say there are a ton of character actors that I will miss.
Anyway enough on this topic tonight.
Now for my library moment, I was thrilled when some of the ladies from our library agreed to be interviewed. This way I could let our bloggers know that Parsons Kansas has interesting people, places,, and events. 
Stay tuned there will be more library adventures and interviews. I will space them out and I also want to interview more quilters, artists, and writers.

Until next time let love touch your heart, open your mind and a good book, then tell your own story and let the adventures begin.

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