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Good Monday Morning,

Today I want to chat about "Characters" and by chatting about characters....I mean let's talk about some of our favorite characters and not only why they are our favorite characters but why you can relate to them. How they can bring out or spark emotions in you, bring back a memory for you or at the very least make you care for them.

Of coure for me there is Renie and Judith from Mary Daheim' s Bed-n-breakfast series. The two women are cousins but they seem more like sisters to me. I like how ordinary and not so ordinary their lives are and intertwine with one another. Renie is me on a bad day I relate to the stains on the shirts and forgetting to comb your hair especially if I am on a deadline to finish a book.

Judith is me when albeit she is more of a klutz than I am but she has her moments with her mother (who will never get mother of the year) and since I have a mother like this and will likely one day be accused of being Judith's mother the…

Cats by Hinzeit -- stitched by Pamela

Halloween Eve

Stitched this one for a Halloween Exchange for my friend Kathleen in Oct 2010

Review - Dead Man's Chest by Kerry Greenwood



Hard Cover

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Pub date:2010

ISBN: 978-1-59058-797-3

Series Mystery

Phyrne Fisher is vacationing in Queenscliff. She promised her staff and two adopted daughters a holiday and a holiday they will receive. However the second half of her promise is a little harder to keep since she also promised them no murders.

They arrive at the rented house but the there is no Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, no cook or staff the place is empty right now to the last crumb. This doesn't raise an eyebrow but instead everyone in the household rolls up their sleeves and starts to make the empty house a home by the sea. Soon they are joined by a young boy to whom Phyrne has name Tinker. She saved Tinker from some horrible boys and Tinker by rights takes in Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's dog.

Phyrne decides to investigate what has happened to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and the whole household help in their own way. Of coures there are strange neighbor…


Today is Martin Luther King Day and of course when I think of him I think of his famous speech. I HAD A DREAM so it seems natural for me to ask this question today.

"What is your dream? Have you acheived your dream and moved on to another one? If you haven't acheived your dream will you tell us what is holding you back?

For me it's always been to be a top selling mystery author. Well drop the top selling and I can say I'm a mystery author. However my lack of focus and my lack of paying attention to my career has only set me back ten years.

Today my husband went back to work for the first time in almost two weeks. I sent him to work with mixed feelings but I can now write days again with some consistancy. I guess what I am saying is that my dream has been renewed by sheer and total fear. We do not have a large savings account, I do not have medical insurance and I have a few health issues. He has plenty more than I do but his hospital stay and surgery is a big eye ope…

Book Reviews

Book Reviews:

Today I am going to ask where you go to read your favorite book reviews? Terri and I will be doing more book reviews this year but I am curious as to where you think the best reviews are online and of course blogs that carry book reviews.

Have you recently bought or ordered a book based on someone's review of the book?

What grabs you first the back blurb about the book or the book cover?

Does the authors who endorse a book or series help or hinder your book buying, ordering etc...?

Lastly what do you think a good book review should have in the review and what do you think should be left out of the review?



Winter Storm


What is your favorite way to kill time when a winter storm lands on your door step? I love to watch movies and cross stitch. However today we are getting snow and I think since I have had little time to read that I will snuggle in and read. My husband is in the hospital and since I am snowed in and can't get out to see him right now that I am going to take a ME day. Although I may end up going out later if my daughter Mishell decides to stop by and pick me up. Right now a little me time is very much needed.

I will say at least he didn't have to have the second surgery. I will add that diabetes is a nasty disease with all types of twists and turns. Don't know when he will be home yet as this morning his blood pressure went wonky. So keep a good thought for Frank and I and hopefully as the days go on I'll have more news to share. I do know that wound vac treatment is not for the feint of heart.



A Gift I stitched for my friend Mary in new Orleans

Mary is nice enough to let me stay with her on my trips to NOLA.  And she has a beautiful sttiching room in her house so I thought this would be a nice addition


Foreign writers and settings

I remember years ago my favorite author, Harlan Ellison, had a commentary on the SCIFI channel show (I think it was called SCiFI buzz).  The channel was new and exciting (for me) at the time.  Now of course, it is SYFY and not nearly as interesting.  But that isnt my point.  On one of his commentary's he lamented the state of American publishing in the SCIFI and Fantasy genres.  And besides the fact that everything was supposed to be a trilogy following the same formulas, the point he really was making was the lack of publishing the amazing writers in other countries.  Americans apparently don't much like reading non-american writers.  Or at least publishers believe that. 

Now it is at least 15 years or so later and its pretty much the same.  Not just SCIFI but all genres.  Let's face it, when is the last time you read a book by say, an Austrian author?  You know they have many great ones but I know I cant name a single one.  And that is sad.

This is a huge world with hug…

First Book 2011

First Book 2011:

What first book of the New Year are you reading? Is it a good book and one that you might write a review telling us about it?

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and that we all have plenty of books to deleve into for winter reads.

For me we had a family Christmas on New Year's Day but it was a nice one albeit filled with a few surprises that I will get around to explaining as the year goes on but I have to say in our family there always seems to be a few surprises.

I can tell you my son is engaged to a wonderful woman who is sweet and fun, smart, pretty, knows about our family and loves us anyway.

I am hoping to do some online cross stitch pattern shopping today. Plus I will be cross stitching...Monday Morning I will be writing and recovering for the past two weeks of holiday eating, shopping and family.

I will say I have two new planners to start the year, two new calanders to start the year, new books to read, flavored coffee and movies to watch. I think I am set …

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s a fervent hope that 2011 is better than 2010 was. 2010 began with Daisy, my winner-picking wiener dog, unable to use her hind legs. A week at the vet’s and hundreds of dollars later, and she’s moving again; but the year ended with Louie, my special favorite hound dog, dying after being hit by a car. Add all the crud that went on in between those two ghastly events, and basically, 2010 stank. Big time.

However, 2011 is starting well, with the publication of PECOS VALLEY REVIVAL. This book has received mixed (to put it mildly) reviews, from a snotty blasting in Kirkus to a starred review in Booklist. Still and all, this is the first of my books to receive reviews from three of the Big Four (Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus and Library Journal), which is sort of amazing. I mean, my itsy-bitsy book was reviewed in all those prestigious journals. To heck with ‘em if they didn’t like it! They bothered with it!

Speaking of PECOS VALLEY REVIVAL, I’m giving away thre…