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Review: Crimes, Detection and Death of Jack the Ripper by Martin Fido

Jack the Ripper fascinates so many of us. So many theories and we never (CAN never) know for sure. This work explores the crimes, the social factors and the credibility of the police involved. He provides evidence debunking many theories and explores sources and their reliability. Each victim (and victim eliminated from the Ripper canon) is carefully discussed in detail.  He also discusses evidence that he feels has been disproved or mis-interpreted.  He tries to trace the formation of various theories and the information they resulted from.  He discusses the role of the press and politics as well as clarifying the roles senior officers played.

Sometimes the book is a bit dry but the information it contains is very well-researched and thought out. The edition I read was updated from the original after new information had come to light.  His theory of the culprit may be the strongest I have seen, but then we really will never know and that mystery is probably why we find it so intriguin…

Good Morning Everyone

I hope this is a week of magic for all o you. May the mayhem lead to the magical memories. After all of the mayhem then I hope you have plenty of good books and warm drinks to enjoy.
I am visiting my daughter and her family. So if I am slow to answer or not at all this is why because I took my yearly vacation now to be with family.
So far I have attended my grandson Aiden's wrestling practice which was fun as the age group was 8-13.
I have tried very hard to have portion control with meals and desserts. You seen I have had a couple of meals that were Mexican, then chilidogs, then there are desserts that probably put back on the pounds I had lost (even with portion control0, I had Travis's cheesecake that was to die for, I had Melissa's pumpkin roll and that is one of her special recipes.
We did have Chinese food last night.
My reading has been light, my stitching has not happened but I have colored several pictures as we binge watched House Of Cards, True Detective and I…

An Interview with Constance Barker

MM: Tell us about your favorite place to write and your writing schedule?
I use one of the bedrooms in our house as an office and that’s where I write most of the time. It has a window where I can look out at our pond and front field. Sometimes I’ll see deer or even wild turkeys lumbering through. Most of the time I need quiet when writing, but when figuring out plots or developing characters, I like to head to a little diner in our small town. My schedule is sporadic. I have days where I can’t write a thing and other days I can’t stop.
MM: Let's talk about your latest and newest books?I’m very excited about the newest book “A Sinister Slice of Murder” as it starts a brand new series. I co-author the book with A. J. DeBellis who is a dream to work with, an incredible story teller, and a fantastic editor as well. The series is a departure from my other two series as it delves into more paranormal subjects. That’s not to say it’s scary or terrifying. My readers will still find the qui…

Review: Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony by Keith Ablow, MD

Dr. Ablow tells a very fascinating portrayal of Casey Anthony's psychological makeup, trying to explain why she acted the way she did and told all the lies she did.  The thing is, he never once spoke to her.  He uses documents and interviews to base his analysis.  I think a lot of it is probably accurate, but I also think a lot is conjecture.  Essentially, he believes that all of Casey's behavior is the result of the pathology of her parents, particularly her mother, Cindy.  He repeatedly asserts that Casey has no self or identity of her own and that the tales she spins are a coping mechanism.  There is a lot more of course and it is very engaging to read.  

However, without actually interviewing her himself, how can his assertions be validated?  Very little of the book deals with the death of her daughter Caylee.  It is a study of a very sick woman who was acquitted of murder.  He attempts to explain what made her the person everyone watched aghast as her behavior and lies cam…

Sharcano by Jose Prendes

The premise is odd - sharks made of lava attacking and eating people all over the world.  Essentially, sentient lava.

Of course, this is the age of Sharknado (I loved all three movies) where you just suspend disbelief and go with it and have a blast!

That said, it is a lot of fun and excitement. Nobody understands what is happening or why.  Yet they have to accept what seems insane and deal with it in order to survive. The heroes are all over the map, reporters, Bigfoot hunters, Scientists, Priests.  Scenes are adventure packed and dramatic.  Sacrifices are made.  Land, sea, Air - it takes you all over the world.  I really enjoyed it.


Guest Blogger: Lea Wait

LEA WAIT FOR MAYHEM AND MAGICMaine author Lea Wait writes the Shadows Antique Print Mystery series and the Mainely Needlepoint series. She’s also the author of historical novels set in nineteenth century Maine for ages 8 and up, and LIVING AND WRITING ON THE COAST OF MAINE, about her life as a new wife and author of 15 (so far!) books. She invites readers to check out her website, for more about her and her books, and to friend her on Facebook and Goodreads.
--------              Thank you for inviting me to visit Mayhem and Magic!            Beginning a new book, whether a stand-alone or the next in a series, means creating new places, new challenges for characters, and (if the book is a mystery) figuring out who to kill and why.             When I began planning the latest book in my Mainely Needlepoint series I puzzled over those questions, and then decided to have fun: I’d include things that I liked to read about when I looked for a relaxing read.          …

An Interview with Roberta Isleib aka Lucy Burdette

Interview With Roberta Isleib aka Lucy BurdetteBy: Pamela James
MM2: Roberta, how many books have you written?The sixth Key West food critic mystery, Fatal Reservations, (launched on July 7) is book #14!MM2: Since you write a series. Tell us about the pros and cons of series writing?I love writing a series, because I can explore characters in depth and continue to be surprised by their layers. It's so much fun to bring back characters from earlier books and learn more about them. I had no idea, for example, that octogenarian Miss Gloria would turn out to be so interesting--and so popular!MM2: What would you like readers to know about your latest book?Reviews have been fabulous! Here's one example: "Complete with a clever plot, a cast of familiar and amiable characters, a buffet of food and all the wackiness of Key West, "Fatal Reservations" displays Burdette at peak form and whets the appetite for Hayley's next case."--Jay Stafford, Richmond Times-Dispat…

What movies have your interest?

Mostly for me I admit I have watched "Stir Of Echoes one and two,"  then I watched Private Number, Miss Marple Movies, Desk Set, Poirot Movies, I also caught up on other television and Netflix series. Crossing Lines, Ripper Street, River, Home Alone One, Beetle Juice and a few Noir films. One being Kansas City Confidential.

Then as the weekend went on and while I watched football, I colored some pictures.
Wrapped prezzies and of course napped.

Tonight I finished Christmas Shopping for a friend. Now more wrapping of presents. I did have a leftover chilidog so that helped.

I also did some reading and laundry tonight. Put away clean dishes. In the morning, more wrapping, a few dishes, sweeping and vacuum the living room.
My neighbor is in the hospital so I am feeding Miss Kitty, and of course I am thrilled the weather will be nice this week so that I can go over there not all bundled up.

I hope you are enjoying your celebrating season of love, gift giving and enjoying the spe…


This is the first book in a new series.
BLACK CAT CROSSING By Kay Finch ( A Bad Luck Cat mystery) series.
Berkley Prime Crime Paperback Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-425-27524-5

Sabrina Tate has moved back to Lavender Texas, she is writing her first novel, helping her Aunt Rowe with her vacation resort business. She is staying one of the cabins. She loves animals an when people blame their bad luck on a black cat Sabrina has to wonder why everyone blames their misery on a poor defenseless cat.
She befriends the black cat but not before the cat leads Sabrina to a dead body. Actually the body when he was alive was one Bobby Joe Flowers and her Aunt Rowe's cousin. It was no secret that everyone who ever ran across Bobby Joe was left worse off than before they met him.
It was also no secret that Bobby Joe and Aunt Rowe had a very bad confrontation. Now he's dead and Sabrina has to make sure she saves the life of a black cat she has named Hitchcock, she needs to find out who killed Bobby Jo…

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

Mayhem and Magic, For Real

November was not a month of unmixed blessings. In fact, something truly horrible happened during November, so I’ll get to that first.
No secret I rescue dachshunds. About four years ago I received a bonded pair from a puppy mill in Big Spring, Texas. Bella and Bam-Bam had spent their first couple of years in concrete crates and never learned how to interact with people or, really, be dogs. To this day Bam-Bam is terrified of men, and Bella was uber-shy around strangers. I realized after I’d fostered them for a while that they weren’t suitable candidates for adoption, so I kept them, and we loved each other. They both were fine with me, even though they were still unable to relate to strangers.
Well, on Friday the 13th, Jazzy and Cookie, who grew up on the streets and have absolutely no self-esteem issues, ganged up on Bella. I rushed her to the vet, where she was stitched up. When I picked her up on Saturday, she seemed to be doing well, but on Sunday evening B…

An Interview with Greg Herren

MM: Greg, I went to your website. I loved that you stated the real reason you became an author was because you kept getting fired from other jobs. I had to laugh and I applaud you for your honesty.
My question: Are there any books that you have written that didn't make the cut?
GREG: I've been very lucky in that every book I've ever tried to have published have been. There's a couple of unfinished ones I started, though, that are in the files that I got stuck on and hope to get back to someday. My first three young adult novels--Sorceress, Sleeping Angel, Sara--were originally written in the early 1990's, and revised/edited and finally published from 2010-2012. I may stop writing something, but I will always go back to it.

MM: No day is probably typical but take us thru your typical writing day?
GREG: I try to get up every day around 6 (sometimes not till 7, as I keep hitting snooze...snooze buttons are evil) and write before I go to the office, and then I try to do so…