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Review: Brain Storm by Elaine Viets

Angela Richman is a Death Investigator whose life is upended when she suffers a series of strokes after being misdiagnosed and sent home by Dr. Gravois.  While she is recovering in the hospital, he is murdered and the chief suspect is Dr. Tritt who is the surgeon who saved her life after Dr. Gravois' misdiagnosis.  Everyone at the hospital despises Tritt because he is not part of the tight knit society that Gravois was.  

Angela is determined to find the real killer and clear Tritt's name despite the resistance of everyone around her.  All the while, trying to recover.

This book is a character study as much as a solid mystery.  Angela's journey is an intense exploration of recovery and the emotional roller coaster that comes with it.  She is smart and driven and ultimately a survivor.

I was emotionally invested in her story more than I have been in a long time!

I was also fascinated by the information about death investigators and their role.


Magical Arts Fridays - An Interview with Quilter Peggy Gatewood

MM: Peggy where did you get your love of quilting?
Love of quilting -not sure-had several relatives that quilted.
MM: Have other family members followed in your footsteps?
My granddaughter made her first quilt when she was 10
MM: Tell us about the quilters guild of Parsons and what you have learned from some of the quilters?
The Quilter's Guild of Parsons is a great group of women who teach, encourage, and support anyone who loves quilting.They always share tips they've learned, are quick to help if you're having problems or want advice, or fabric from their stash. We make and donate quilts to the local Red Cross for fire victims in about 7 SEK counties.
MM: I have seen and voted for some of your quilts. Do you have a quilt that has more meaning than the others?
.Probably the quilts I made my Mother. I made a puzzle quilt since she loved jigsaw puzzles and a Seven Sisters quilt since she had 7 sisters
MM: Do you have a favorite quilt that you have made?
. Probably my Dog Quilt. It …

Blog: My library trip and more by Pamela James

My library trip on Thursday evening was as always a fun trip.
First here are the books I came home with to read.
BOOKS OF A FEATHER by Kate Carlisle
The DEAD And The BEAUTIFUL by Cheryl Crane

Still waiting on my large type copy of The Maltese Falcon by Dashell Hammett
I am loving watching the Olympics.

We cooked and baked again today for the neighbors. one of them had a birthday.
I haven't felt very well for a few days.

What books have your attention this weekend/new week?
We opted out of family events that were going on over the weekend.
We did go out to eat Chinese Food on Saturday night since one of our daughters had given us gift cards to one our local Chinese places.
our dog isn't doing well so I have to make an appointment to take her in and see if they can run some tests this week as we really need to know what the problem/s might be.

Movies: I had rented more New Tricks Seasons from the library on Thursday night. in honor of …

An Interview with Ellen Byron

MM: Ellen, give us the backstory on your writing career?
I graduated from Tulane University with the always-useful degree in Theatre. (Sarcasm!) I acted for a few years, and then started writing plays. My first, GRACELAND, won awards and was published. I began writing freelance magazine articles to support myself, and gradually writing supplanted acting. In 1990, I moved from my beloved New York City to L.A. to see if I could transition into writing for television, which I’m proud to say that I did. Since then I’ve written on shows like WINGS, JUST SHOOT ME and STILL STANDING. I’ve also written pilots for most of the major networks.
MM: Where is your favorite place to write your books?
I’m not someone who who can write in coffee houses or unique places. I sit at the computer in my office and pound away.
MM: Are you the seat of your pants (punster) plotter? Would you rather outline or is there another way you plot your books?
I call myself a plotser. I need to lay out a blueprint for where …

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

So I'm all recovered from my hip-replacement surgery, and all that hurts now is my back. Well, and my feet, but heck, you can't have everything.
Come to think of it, I also had cataract surgery on my right eye and now can't see, but there you go. Will see the eye doc on the 8th, and get new specs, and that will take care of that. I hope.Anyway, August will see the publication of BRUISED SPIRITS, Daisy Gumm Majesty's tenth adventure (it's actually her eleventh, but who's counting?) I'll get in touch with the folks who won BRUISED SPIRITS individually.
July saw the re-issue of three of my old historical paranormal romances written by me as Rachel Wilson. They're available on Amazon's Kindle e-reader now and will be available on other venues soon.
They have lovely new covers, as you can see below:
If you decide you NEED to have one (or all) of these books, just click on the link below the coverer, and you'll get to Amazon's Kindle page for the book…

Blog: Updates and more.

This week I have been to the library. I had them order me The Maltese Falcon that has larger print so I can see the type better for the cozy armchair group discussion. I am still reading it but only have read thru chapter three.

Now I have watched Agatha Raisin & The Quiche Of Death. This is new on acorn and I have to say I enjoyed this movie so much that I have watched and re-watched it. 

Tonight husband is mowing the lawn. it needs it since we have had a lot of rain. Plus his mower broke down, then something else went wrong with it and so on. 
Baby daughter is back from vacation. her vacation is ill-timed as this put them behind for moving, buying a car, enrolling the grandsons in school which starts very soon and of course she is behind in work. I guess they are all happy they took the vacation. She said she needed it and her daddy agrees that she did need it.

Now for more fun stuff such as books. I am happy to report "A DARK and STORMY MURDER by Julia Buckley is an above aver…