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Best New Show

Best New Show:
As far as I'm concerned the best new show on for t.v. this summer is MEMPHIS BEAT it's funny, realistic and it has something for everyone. The first episode has the topic of elderly abuse, the abused woman is someone who is well known and she hardly says a word of any words throughout the episode. She doesn't have to the bruises speak for themselves and our detective is a homicide cop who loves his mother and has a way with women (NOT ) well NOT according to the woman one in paticular who is his boss and don't get me started on the lamp he brings to work. When his boss let's him know that it's not acceptable to have it in the department it's very amusing how he finds an answer to the problem. I can't remember the homicide detective's name but he's the same character that plays Earl in My Name Is Earl, his mother is someone who is lucky to have him as a son as I suspect she is going to be trouble in future episodes. If you like a li…

Review: Murder Can Crash Your Party

TITLE: MURDER CAN CRASH YOUR PARTYAuthor: SELMA EICHLERPaperback mystery seriesObsidian publisherPub date:2008ISBN:978-0-451-22384-5
Desiree Shapiro is a PI in Manhatten and nobody is more surprised than Desiree when she is asked to speak at a mystery writer's convention. Of all places it's in Connecticut and since she is not sure where her and the love of her life Nick stand she decided a few days away is just what she needs to gain perspective.  Speaking in public is a little lethel to Desiree but she pulls it off with style and wit. What she didn't expect more than being appeciated by a bunch of mystery writers is that she is approached my a very well known mystery author who is willing to pay her 24,940.00 all for reading belle Simone's unpulished manuscript and solving the mystery. Bell has written a whodunit and she wants Desiree to solve it one clue at a time. Belle will dole out the clues one at a time and as Desiree solves the mystery piece by she will then rev…

Weekend Plans?

I plan to do nothing....nada.... this weekend this way if I miss my goals I won't feel gulity. What are your weekend plans? I have been on the run for a month and next weekend it's back to Kansas City so this weekend I am going eat enchiladas, strawberry shortcake, watch movies, cross stitch, email and laugh a lot. I am tired so I think this will be a mental health weekend. LOLI want to finish reading LAST WRITES by Laura Levine, also read U IS FOR UNDERTOW by Sue Grafton, maybe I'll write some reviews but we'll see if I do it will probably be Sunday Night. The PBS Masterpiece Mysteries are back so I'll watch that movie and I might be able to make a pretty good dent in my cat cross stitch project. Now if Frank wants to go someplace for an afternoon I won't argue with him as long as it's not to mom's this weekend. There are a thousand things I could be doing like painting the bathroom, cleaning out the office closet (heaven forbif it hasn&#…


My true confession is that I sometimes one in on one series and I HAVE to read all the books I can in that series. This has happened again with Laura Levine's mystery series. I've spent the better part of two months finding and reading all I can in this series. I love Prosac and since I lost my own two cats this past spring I cannot get enough of Prosac (Prosac is her cat), I love Jaine Austen's parent's especially their emails to her and I suspect my daughter could relate to that part if she read mysteries and if she read this series.I have been in a better mood because of this series espcially in the last month. Authors your books do make a difference and often can be the difference between a terrible day and good day. Laura Levine's series helped me get over my grief of my cats and I couldn't thank her enough she is a wonderfully funny and uplifting writer and one who deserves to be recognized for her talent.
I hope everyone let&#…


VACATION:My daughter surprised me last Saturday night with an all expense paid vacation (basically a road trip) this was fun but I packed in a hurry so when we got to the hotel I didn't have MY shampoo or conditioner. We were heading south with the final destination being New Orleans, I have natural curly hair and my certain shampoos and conditioners etc.. are the only thing that doesn't make me look well like the way we used to wear our hair in th 70's when you had curly hair. LOLOL needless to say until I could remember (memory being the operative word here) to stop and buy my brand BAD HAIR DAY took on a new form with me. Houston was great I love the Fine Arts Museum it was really worth the trip there and the bad hair day. It had been years since I had a Whataburger so that was exciting to me. LOLOL I know all you southerners laugh it's okay.We stayed with my daughter Amanda in Lake Charles and I got to see my new grandbaby Cade is adorable. Also my grandaughter Kar…

A Birthday Interview with Terri

Terri, over the last decade has your taste in reading changed and if so tell us about it?
Not that seems too noticeable.  I have always read a large variety of genres.  But I am loving all the urban fantasy and yes - vamps that are out now.  I love magic and it is a lot of fun to explore these fun worlds that are being created.  But that said, like any “big” market trend, there are lot of so-so ones coming out so I have to weed my way through to find the ones I really enjoy.
Have you seen a change in book publishing and in the world of fiction what are some of the books and series that grab your attention?
Of course there are a lot more e-books now than ever.  And I have to say that though I do read them if they aren’t available in paper, they are not my favorite.  For two reasons -- the trend towards self-publishing isn’t bad in and of itself.  But many are MUCH weaker on proper editing which gets on my nerves.  I don’t mind a little mistake but blatant inaccuracies drive me crazy.  I r…

Guest Blogger - Kay Finch

Motives for Writing About Murderby Kay Finch
I wrote short mystery stories when I was a kid, but I can pinpoint when my desire to become a novelist blossomed. Shortly after moving to Houston in the mid-1980's, I went to work at Richard “Racehorse” Haynes’ law office.  Haynes is a legendary Texas criminal defense attorney with a great track record and many high-profile cases under his belt. You may recall hearing of Dr. John Hill, the River Oaks surgeon accused by his father-in-law of killing his wife, Joan Robinson Hill – a story told in the book “Blood and Money” by Thomas Thompson and featuring Racehorse Haynes as Dr. Hill’s attorney.
By the time I went to work at the firm, Haynes’ reputation generated so many potential client calls every day that staff members had to take those calls on a rotating basis. Talking to the alleged criminals gave me plenty of plot ideas to work with. The first big trial I worked on was dubbed the “Texas Slave Ranch” case in which Haynes’ client was ac…

Review - The Detective Wore Silk Drawers by Peter Lovesey

Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Soho Constable (October 1, 2008)ISBN-10: 1569475245 Set in Victorian England, bare fisted fighting is illegal yet fights still occur. when a body is found clearly connected to the illegal sport, Sergeant Cribb sends constable Jago undercover to investigate and find the identity of the headless dead body and the killer. The book is filled with fights and a side of England I for one was totally unfamiliar with. I felt sorry for Jago at many turns especially when he tried to avoid massages by the woman responsible for his fights.  

I really enjoyed the book, but there were not many suspects or motives to explore would be my only criticism.


Jeri Westerson Interview

Jeri how did you begin your writing career?--When I decided to become a novelist (after a long career as a graphic artist) it didn't turn out as easy as I thought it would be to get published, even though I had researched the business. In those days, I was writing historical fiction but couldn’t publish my many novels. During that time, I wanted some sort of proof that my writing was worth paying for, so I began writing articles I wanted to write and sent them to magazines, and editors bought them! Fun stuff like about wine, medieval beer, monks. And then I pitched myself to local newspapers and worked as a stringer. Journalism helped me hone my skills and cut to the chase in the rest of my writing. During this time and in the throes of my many rejections and into my second agent, it was suggested to me to switch to medieval mysteries as mysteries were a bigger market. So, I sat myself down, had a nice long chat, and decided to try writing a mystery. Crispin Guest, ex-knight turne…

A Night in Sri Lanka

Last night I went to a reception at the Sri Lankan Ambassador's residence with friends.  We saw highlights of the country's history, beaches, wildlife and forests.  Looks like a beautiful place. The things I would most like to visit are the elephant orphanage and the tea factory (Ceylon is after all some of the best teas in the world).

We had great food - curried lentils, rice, chicken, an unusual sweet eggplant dish, some deep fried fish patties.  Lots of spice and wonderful flavors.  My personal favorite was String Hopper Biryani.(rice noodles with coconut and peppers)

And after dinner we were treated at sunset in the garden to some traditional dances.  A very lovely evening.


Blog Topics

Today I want to ask what blog topics keep you returning to the blogs you like to read? Terri and I try to shake our blogs up a bit with various authors, interviews and a variety of topics.Some of my favorite blog topics are when I feel like I know the author's characters better and I add them to my to-buy list of books. I love the cross stitchers interviews but we have had to cut the pictures back to just two pictures as it take an awful lot of Terri's time to post the pictures.Other blog topics I like are the blogs about classic authors and how to blogs especially those that contain recipes. Here is what I want to know more about:Jewerly DesignFBI Agents and their different branchesHot Air Balloon RidesArt and artistGardeningFortune Cookies (Yes I'm serious)Different contests for authors The Victorian EraFlight SchoolThere are many more topics so I ask what are some of your favorite blog topics and what topics would you like to learn about or see more of and i…

Review: Bryant and May on the Loose

BRYANT & MAY on the LOOSEAuthor: CHRISTOPHER FOWLERBritish mystery series (A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery)hard cover large typeISBN: 978-1-60285-713-1
This case goes way back to 1940 when Mrs. Barker's home was bombed and it was discovered that her house sat on an open well. The deed to the house was never found and then we are brought up to date on the Peculiar Crimes Unit. It's been disbanned because Bryant and May have crossed the line. The others in the unit have found work but Bryant took to his bed and is waiting for death. That is until May finally gets through to Bryant's fog about a murder and about a seperate case one that will lead Bryant and May to the historic challenge of their well known careers.They will get no help from the home office, no computers or a place to work because they do not exsist. They only have a week to solve this case that has political ties all the way to the top if they fail the unit can no longer survive. As the story nravels we fin…

Reading Groups

If you are a reader and have not joined your local summer reading group that is ususally sponsered by the local library please consider doing so in support of the library plus they usually have fabulous prizes and fun events for families and people of all ages.Do you belong to any reading groups? If so tell us about them and I will say that I belong to a few online reading groups and one or two that are Facebook reading groups.It's a very good way to plow through your to be read piles and it's a social network for authors. Nothing new as I am sure all of us know about reading groups but the thing I find interesting is the different perspectives that readers have and how unique each author's voice is how they can create characters that we can relate to one way or another. I've noticed that when I read a book then the movie comes out and I attend movie night that this will bring a discussion of books verses movies and did the author really intend for the m…


When I was a child I took candy for granted. I love life savers, bit o' honey, lemon drops, sweet tarts and malted milk balls.Then when I was a teen I went through a phase of sunflower seeds (not candy I know) and sugar daddy suckers.Asa young adult I mostly didn't eat candy except peanut brittle at Christmas but I always took it for granted that the same candy would still be there waiting to welcome me back.Somehow through the years I have noticed that candy has changed....well at least for me it has changed. The candy I can still find from my childhood no longer taste the same nor does it appear to be the same quanity. I am thrilled to be able to report that pixie stix still taste the same and are out there to buy. Lemon drops no longer have quite the same taste but they are still around as is malted milk balls.What are/were some of your favorite candies and have they changed over the years? Can you still find your favor…

Review - Death by Pantyhose

Author: Laura Levine
Mystery Series
ISBN: 10-0-7582-0786-7

Jaine Austen needs something in her bank account because business is once again slow. So when Dorcas MacKenzie calls and wants Jaine write a new round of comedy jokes for her Jaine accepts the challenge even though she has never written jokes before.
Dorcas is a stand up comedian at the Laff Palace and routine usually ends with her throwing pantyhose at the audience. Dorcas doesn't bring many laughs from the crowd and she mostly considered a joke by her fellow comics but there is one comic who is hardest on Dorcas and that is Vic who is gorgeous to look at and gets all the laughs. He has a woman he is going to marry but that doesn't stop Vic from having a girlfriend and sleeping around with any other woman.
Jaine goes to see the act that Dorcas is already doing and meet everyone who is anyone and some who are not where Dorcas works. The night wears on and Vic announces that he is going to be going wi…

Are You a Listmaker?

Okay this may be a form of OCD but I am a prolific listmaker. Heck I make a list to buy more listmakers. The thing is if I didn't make a list I would never accomplish anything as it's too easy to forget most of what I do, but I might be overdoing it a bit. Do you make a list and if so what types of things do you put on your list?Here is an example of what mine can consist of and I do cross through the list as I accomplish eac project.
1. Stop by the library and pick up holds.2. Make the bed3. Wash my hair 4. Laundry5. Don't forget to peel the potatoes to add to the roast for supper (do't forget to put the roast in the crockpot)6. Water the outdoor plants7. WRITE  8. Put netflix movie out in the mailbox for postman to pick up9. Write two reviews10. Find some authors to interview11. Call my mother12. Call my sister13. Shave legs14. Clean bathroom15. Bag and take out the trash16. Sweep the floor17. Mop the floor18. Plan weekly meal menu but be open for …